Each of us attracts into our life positive or negative energy, according to what we think about every day.
If you are a negative and pessimistic person, you attract problems and difficulties. If you are a positive person, you attract other positive people and opportunities.
What we think determines what we experience…

The following are some great thoughts by Jane McGonigal, a PhD Game Designer who advocates for the use of video games to help people learn skills that transfer to the real world.

I always loved video games and board games. I genuinely think they can help kids with a lot…

  1. Be Positive
    Simply put, Buffett is an optimist. His long-term outlook on life and business is positive. An open mind means access to more opportunities.
  2. Take calculated risks
    As a value investor, Buffett adheres to certain principles that have guided his investment decisions and approach to risk all his life.

Some thoughts from Dan Rose about working directly with Bezos and Zuckerberg. This is a collection of tweets from Dan.

“Jeff was 30 yrs old when he started Amazon, and he was 35 by the time I joined in ’99. Mark started FB at 19 yrs old and was 22…

It is said that Albert Einstein once noted that the most powerful force in the universe was the principle of compounding.

You can choose between two sums of money:

  • One million dollar


  • One penny that will double every day for 30 days.

Which should you choose?

Here are a…

Louis Ehrenkrantz started as a high school English teacher and became a prominent stockbroker. He has been known for his ability to predict social and political developments — and identify companies that would benefit most from those events. These are the rules he adopted.

  1. Reading. The more you read, the…

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