The world is a reflection of yourself

There was a postmaster who knew everyone in a small town. A family moved in and asked the postmaster what kind of people live here.nHe answered with a question, “What kind of people do you think you’ll find?”

The woman said, “We had problems with the people in the town we left. I suppose it will be the same here.” The postmaster replied, “You’re probably right.”

Another family moved into town & asked the postmaster the same question. Again, he responded, “What kind of people do you expect to find?” They answered, “The folks in the town we left were great. We hope we’ll find people like them.” The postmaster responded, “I’m sure you will. You’ll love it here.”

What we believe in our heart, mind; our perception of ourselves & others influence our outward attitude, beliefs, behaviour, the decisions we make & ultimately the experiences we have & the results we get.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t want, start focusing on what you want most in your life. That’s why, how you think is always what you get.

Energy follows attention. What you focus on is what you get. If you keep focusing on what frustrates you, that’s what you will see.

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